rundll32.exe File Information:
rundll32.exe file is an important file that keeps the software and Operating System working properly. rundll32.exe file should run with other associated files to perform an system task.
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  5 (Free Spyware Scan)
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(C) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
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Microsoft Corporation
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What's rundll32.exe Error?

rundll32.exe error is a common Windows error which computer users often run into. This error often occurs if the associated file of an application is missing, damaged, or contaminated by malware. So you may receive rundll32.exe error message if you want to run the application or open a file that is associated with rundll32.exe file. Your application can not run properly due to this error. And if you leave this error unfixed, it will affect your whole computer stability.

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What Cause Windows Errors?

Generally speaking, there are many factors that trigger Windows errors, such as:

Invalid, damaged or missing registry entries. The registry is the most important part of Windows, storing the running rules of system and software. When the registry loads those invalid, damaged or missing entries, the errors occur. And too many such entries left in registry will make the registry become large and unstable and decrease your system performance.

Incorrect or incomplete software installation or uninstallation. If you do not correctly install a software, the software can not run correctly and an error will occur. And if a software is not completely uninstalled and some files left in the registry, an error can also occur when the registry executes it.

Software incompatibility. It's known that some software is not compatible with some other software. So when they are running at the same time, it may probably cause errors.

Malware infection. The first target will be the registry when a malware infects your system. It will first make some changes to the registry so as to launch its activities. Malware can damage and delete system and software files, which can cause many strange and annoying errors. Your system also runs much slower. Check whether your rundll32.exe error is caused by spyware.

Recommended Fix for Windows Errors

Manual Windows error fix is only recommended to those with a strong understanding of how the registry performs and its structure, as any slight mistake may result in bigger problems like BSOD. So, the safest and quickest way to fix Windows errors is to use a quality Windows Error Repair tool specially created to repair all kinds of Windows errors. Click and get your rundll32.exe error fixed now!

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